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Here are some photos of recent projects we have done. Please take a look, maybe you need and or would like something done to your home or business.


The front porch of this house was rotted and falling away from the house.
As you can see the rotten spots from inside the porch.
We completely tore the wooden structure of the porch down and rebuilt it.
The home owner also asked us to do some small landscaping. We removed the bushes and small trees from around the porch and put in small flower beds.
After framing and building the new porch, we painted it white and but a small gutter and down pipe so the new porch won't rot like the old one.
The home owner typed us a letter thanking us fro the excellent job we did for her.
The home owner also filled out our customer comment card.



The tub in this bathroom was leaking behind walls and underneath the foor. We removed and replaced the rotted floor joists and wall studs.
The bath tub was re-installed and the drywall was replaced.
We also re-installed the toilet and vanity. We also installed new linoleum and bathroom fixures.
Here is the customer comment.

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A pipe was leaking behind the wall of this kitchen after removing the lower cabinets. We fixed the pipes and repaired/replaced the rotted wood behind the walls and beneath the floor.
After making the necessary repairs, we put the original cabinets back.
Here is the customers comment.



The home owner wanted to convert the garage into another bedroom.
After raising the floor to match the rest of the home. We installed insulation in the walls and floor.
After raising the floor, we removed the sliding glass doors and inclosed the where the doors were.
After finishing the drywall, we left the interior of the room as you can see in the photos. The home owner wanted to paint the walls and install carpet themselves.
This is how the exterior of the newly enclosed room.



We created flower beds from railroad ties for local apartment complex.

After assembling the flower beds, they were filed with topsoil and plants and smalll shrubs were installed.
A metal fence was installed after the flower beds were finished.

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One of the first homes we renovated for a real estate agent. The home is located in Newport News near the Micheal's Woods Subdivision.

house house house house house house

This house w/ detached garage and carport, had a lot of interior and exterior problems.

The exterior of the house, garage and carport were all repainted.

The flower beds were rejuvenated w/ new shrubs and fresh mulch.

Every board on the deck except the posts were replaced. All the white fencing, the railing and the steps were replaced.

The rafters in the garage were rotted and replaced and the exteriors were repainted.

The rafters in the carport were rotted We replaced the rafters and then repainted the carport.

house house house house house house
All the floorig deck boards were replaced aswell.

All the interior walls and trim were repainted.

Replaced and patched the sheetrock through out the whole house.

Installed new water heater in the master bedroom.

Painted walls and replaced sink in the kitchen.

Installed new dishwasher and garbage disposal.


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Here are some photos of a concrete sidewalk and pad we did for First Friends Church on Big Bethel Rd. in Newport News


The church wanted a side walk from their classsroom to the children's playground. We started by digging the area for the sidewalk.

After the area was dug, we started forming the sidewalk so that concrete could be poured.

While digging and forming the sidewalk the church also wanted a small concrete slab for the children's playground.

After pouring the concrete we removed the majority of the air bubbles from the concrete so it will not crack after the concrete is cured.

After the concrete cured we removed the form boards and this is the finished concrete pad.

This is the sidewalk from the classroom at the end of the sidewalk to the playground.

We also repaired the door frame on the front of the church. We replaced the rotten and warpped wood that was in the door frame

We also powerwased the outside wall, steps, and columns. Also we have a couple of comments from the Pastor of the church and one of the Church Council members.


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Here are some photos of a home we did in Newport News on Harpersville Rd.


We removed all six pine trees in the front yard. Also removed the bushes. built hand railing for the front steps. Also enclosed the side porch.

We repaired the soft spots in the roof and painted the exterior. Also put the brick pathway and trimmed the hedges.
Continued the brick pathway from the front of the house to the side. Also continued with the pea-gravel in the flower beds.
Built and installed deck and hand railing.
Continued the brick pathway around the deck steps to the pecan tree to form a beautiful patio.
Install small solar outdoor lights and small shrubs along the outside flowerbed of the patio.
Built the well house around the well pump and painted to match existing garage.
Originally the utility room wasn't connected to the kitchen. We connected the rooms and built a small pantry.
Inside the house we installed oak cabinets, new counter tops and back splash. We installed a new oven and hood range. Also installed a small cabinet for the microwave.
We also installed the dark molding on the tops of the cabinet. We installed the recessed light in the ceiling and underneath the cabinets.
We installed new vinyl flooring and put new floor molding.
We moved the orginal garage from the side of the home to the back of the 3/4 acre lot.
The first floor, starting from the left contains a mechanic shop, the center is a small office, and the right his a wood shop. The second floor starting from the left is a game room and the right is small apartment.
We repaired the bath room floor in one of the home owner's rental properties.
We replaced flooring and some of the paneling from previous tenant's damage in the rental property


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Here are some photos of a home we did in Courtland, VA

Before we could get started with this landscaping project. We had to cut the grass which had grown over 2 feet tall.
After cutting the grass, we power washed the exterior of the house.
We also powerwashed the front porch of the house.
After finishing the exterior of the home, we began to remove the grass and about 6 inches of topsoil for the gravel drive way and sidewalk.
After removing the old sod, we rough graded and then fine graded the front yard.
We brought in over 6 dump truck loads of gravel for the driveway and sidewalk.
We compacted the gravel in the driveway and sidewalk. Also we put in a flower bed with some small shrubs that are easy maintenance.
View of the front yard after landscaping was completed.
This was the back yard before we landscaped it.
Another view of the back yard before we landscaped.
The backyard after we removed the old sod and moved the ditch for the back steps.


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Pole barn we built in Yorktown, VA

This was the orginal shed that was on the property. We demolished the shed and hauled it away for the home owner.
After pouring the foundation and setting up the posts, we installed the rafters and finished the roof.


Playground equipment moved from Yorktown, VA to Willamsburg, Va

After transporting the playground equipment to the home owners new residence, the backyard was on a incline, so in order to create a level yard for the playground. We had to install a small retaining wall.
After installing the retaining wall we back filled with top soil and re-constructed the playgound equipment for the home owner.

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