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Are Ferrets Legal in Northern Ireland

You can travel with up to five pets, but if there are more than five pets (dogs, cats or ferrets), you must prove that: If you are bringing a cat, dog or ferret from outside the EU (including the UK, but not including Northern Ireland), you must follow the rules listed under “Cats, dogs and ferrets – Travelling outside the EU” below. All dogs, cats and ferrets are allowed to enter Northern Ireland commercially from the EU, rabies-free or rabies-controlled countries. Dogs, cats and ferrets from other countries are only allowed to enter Northern Ireland with or within 5 days of their owner or representative. In this case, non-commercial regulations apply. Tanya owns several animals, including two ferrets. She studied animal health and is a dedicated volunteer at an animal shelter. After all, New York City has banned ferrets as pets, although New York allows them. The Non-Commercial Importation of Cats, Dogs and Ferrets Act is the Pet Travel (Cats, Dogs and Ferrets) Regulations, 2020. Officials reserve the right to carry out checks in the meantime if there is a suspicion of illegal activities or welfare problems.

This applies to all trips, regardless of their departure or destination. Yes, but don`t ferrets smell? Putorius in the Latin name of polecat means “rotten” (and the skunk, I must remind you, is another member of the Mustelid family). Excited or frightened, Polecats push a smell out of their glands. A happy ferret can still pong a little, but a pet website warns about bathing too often: “After a bath, a ferret smells worse than it did.” If you are travelling with 6 or more cats, dogs or ferrets, in order to transport them in accordance with non-commercial regulations, they must be 6 months of age or older and participate in a competition, show or sporting event or train. If this is not the case, your pets must meet the requirements of commercial transportation. (see step #5) At this time, there will be no routine physical or documentary checks on the movements of dogs, cats and ferrets for non-commercial purposes travelling from Britain to Northern Ireland. Pets allow dogs, cats and ferrets to travel between EU member states (including NI) and join them without quarantine, provided they meet the conditions of the program. This shape is good for carrying 5 dogs, cats or ferrets or less. (See point 5 if you are travelling with more than 5 pets.) If you are travelling from NI to the UK with your pet and are not returning to NI, there are no documentation or health preparedness requirements. However, there is a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped at the age of 8 weeks.

European pet passports are only issued to dogs, cats and ferrets. If you are travelling to another EU country with other pets such as birds, water animals, reptiles, rodents or rabbits, check the national regulations of the country you wish to visit for more information on entry requirements. It can be difficult to know where ferrets are allowed in other countries. From my current research, I was able to make this list of places where ferrets are allowed: it will also help DAERA understand how many ferrets and other mustelinae preserved there are in Northern Ireland and where they are. Other regions and cities believe that these are potentially harmful and malicious exotic animals. This is a misconception about ferret behavior. Yes, ferrets can bite, but so can cats and dogs. Many people have come together and are working to change these laws; They hope to educate people about ferrets. M. Kellogg says the state should enforce the ferret ban and even the sale of ferret supplies, but the Department of Fisheries and Game doesn`t have the resources for strict enforcement of the law. When you enter Northern Ireland, no quarantine will be imposed on your pet as long as the following conditions are met. Unless otherwise stated, the following provisions apply only to domestic dogs, cats and ferrets.

Owners of other pets should refer to point 11. Wildlife officials say ferrets also pose a threat to young children, pointing to reports that a four-month-old baby in Missouri chewed several fingers from his family`s ferret in January. Since domesticated ferrets have been imported into most countries, they can be considered pests. Unfortunately, many people released them and ferrets overcrowded in some areas. For this reason, some regions have decided that banning ferrets is the best option. I don`t understand how they can justify banning ferrets, but not cats that do more harm to wildlife. Interesting. As I am in the UK, I didn`t realize that ferrets were banned in some places. Good places to get more information about ferrets in your area are your local government and law offices or your local SPCA/animal rescue. These places should have the latest information or be able to point you in the right direction. Here, the rules differ and depend on whether or not you or one of your legal representatives travel within 5 days of transporting your pet.

Although they are readily available, ferrets are considered exotic animals. An animal is considered exotic if it is not native to the place – whether it was born and bred in captivity or not. However, the term is used loosely, as even some native species are considered exotic. The ferret has become a very popular pet for many people, but now countries, states and provinces believe that they should not be kept as pets.


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