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Media Ethics and Media Law Are Interchangeable Terms

Mechanisms to ensure this balance, as well as internal self-regulatory measures, are needed in news media companies. Editorial rules should be developed to regulate professional relations between journalists and media owners/editors and allow for independent working conditions within the respective companies. Arrangements could also be made for the establishment of drafting committees; They would define the editorial functions of journalists and editors, while establishing clear obligations to classify information and assess the consequences of applying the conscience clause. Two things must be guaranteed: not only freedom of information in the media, but also freedom of information in the media. • Red light, green light: a plea for balance in media ethics www.poynter.org/uncategorized/58912/red-light-green-light-a-plea-for-balance-in-media-ethics/ 36. Taking into account the conditions and basic principles listed above, the media must: The media should therefore not adapt or manipulate information for the purpose of forming public opinion, as their legitimacy lies in the provision of a public service in order to realize the fundamental right to information and communication. If the purpose of information and communication were transformed into the goal of educating, judging and creating public opinion, the media would become the most powerful force in the state, assuming functions belonging to other social institutions such as schools or the judiciary, and ultimately removing ownership of rights belonging to the people themselves. Owners, editors and journalists would thus become a “mediocrity” without any conception of public service, which would lead to imbalances in the entire structure of democratic society, based on the inalienable rights of the individual and on the legitimacy of the three fundamental powers of the State and their separation as a guarantee against the abuse of power. • The common core has room for law and ethics jeasprc.org/yes-common-core-has-room-for-law-ethics/ 34. No one should remain neutral in the defence of democratic values.

To this end, the media must play an important role in preventing tensions and promoting mutual understanding, tolerance and trust between different communities in conflict regions, as the Secretary General of the Council of Europe has attempted to do with her confidence-building measures in the former Yugoslavia. Freedom of information in the media is not unlimited. We must therefore speak of rights as well as duties, freedom and responsibility. According to Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 428 (1970), “it is the duty of the press and other media to carry out their duties with a sense of responsibility towards the community and citizens”, and Article 10, paragraph 2, of the European Convention on Human Rights also provides that “the exercise of these (fundamental) freedoms, Since it entails duties and responsibilities, it may comply with these formalities, be subject to such conditions, limitations or sanctions as are prescribed by law and required in a democratic society. So when we talk about journalism ethics, we need to look at the ethics of the news organization as a whole, that is, all its components: owners, editors and journalists. For this reason, there should also be special legal regulations for news outlets. Information is an absolute prerequisite for full participation in democracy and not only in representation. In this regard, information and communication through the media broadens the scope of politics and frees it from the exclusive control of politicians. According to the National Scholastic Press Association`s Code of Ethics, developing an ethical sense is “essential for student journalists who learn to distinguish right from wrong and right from wrong in their work.” In light of these facts, we need to revisit the traditional principles that journalists are simply people who work in the news media. If you want to become a journalist, you must have a university education with general or professional qualifications. 32. In the press sector, publishers, owners and journalists have to live side by side.

To this end, it is necessary to establish rules for editorial staff in order to regulate professional relations between journalists and publishers and media owners separately from the normal requirements of industrial relations. Such rules could provide for the establishment of drafting committees. The Assembly recalls its work in the field of the media, in particular its resolution 428 (1970) on the mass media and human rights and its recommendation 963 (1983) on cultural and educational means of reducing violence. The idea of information as a fundamental right excludes any use by the media, owners, editors and journalists as their property. For the same reason, the authorities may not consider information as their property because, as political representatives, they have the right to take measures to guarantee fundamental rights to information, but not to appropriate these rights themselves, since ownership of the right to information belongs to the citizen. Public authorities should confine themselves to ensuring the effectiveness of this right, which is realized through public or private media, in accordance with the democratically established legal and administrative framework. 38. Self-regulatory bodies or mechanisms, media users` associations and relevant academic departments could, on an annual basis, publish ex post media research on the veracity of media information and compare the news with the facts. This would serve as a credibility barometer that citizens could use as a guide for the ethical standard achieved by each media or part of the media, or even by each journalist. At the same time, appropriate corrective mechanisms could contribute to improving the practice of the profession of media journalist.

iii. promote the establishment of community media associations and encourage schools to provide media education; • Social Media Toolkit available to help those considering and using social media in journalism jeasprc.org/social-media-toolbox-available-to-help-those-considering-and-using-social-media-in-journalism/ 9. Authorities should not assume that they are the owners of the information. The representativeness of these authorities constitutes the legal basis for efforts to ensure and extend media pluralism and to create the necessary conditions for the exercise of freedom of expression and the right to information and exclusion from censorship. Moreover, the Committee of Ministers is aware of this fact, as shown by its Declaration on Freedom of Expression and Information of 29 April 1982. Write a comment and share it! If you enjoyed listening, leave us a comment. You can also share this with your friends and family. This episode can give you professional insight into media coverage. Know your rights and the media regulations you need to follow. A society can sometimes experience tensions and conflicts due to factors such as terrorism, discrimination against minorities, xenophobia or war. In these circumstances, the media have a moral obligation to uphold the values of democracy: respect for human dignity, peaceful resolution of problems and tolerance, constant resistance to violence and the language of hatred and confrontation and the rejection of all forms of racial discrimination, cultural, sexual or religious.

No one should take a neutral stance in defence of democratic values. Therefore, the media must be important actors in preventing tensions and promoting mutual understanding, tolerance and trust between different communities in conflict regions. This idea underpins the confidence-building measures proposed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe for the territories of the former Yugoslavia.


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