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Oath Simple Definition

Send sweetness to Harold and gently remind him of the oath and relics, of the contract and the promise. Britannica English: Translation of the oath for Arabic speakers When our elected representatives take office, they take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution.” I repeated the oath I had taken many times, and I found no way that it prevented me from exempting the prize. See the full definition of Eid in the dictionary of English language learners When you lay your hand on a Bible and vow to tell the truth in court, it`s an example of a moment when you take an oath. The noise must have disturbed the Blacksmith, for Nangotook heard him whisper an oath. They were serious, and I saw nothing unreasonable in the oath they took on me. Related to Scottish aith, athe (“oath”), North Frisian ith, iss (“oath”), West Frisian eed (“eid”), Dutch eed (“oath”), German eid (“oath”), Swedish ed (“oath”), Icelandic eið (“oath”), Latin ūtor (“use, occupy, use”), Old Irish óeth (“oath”). “I swore an oath to my father and then to Andrew,” Erik replied. An oath is a promise. If you want to borrow your brother`s car, you may have to solemnly swear that you will return it intact.

She had sworn an oath to Darian, and the last thing she wanted was to return to the immortal world and wait for others to catch her. Middle English ooth, Old English Äth; similar to Old High German Eid-Eid, Middle Irish oeth The word “oath” is often used to refer to any expression of anger that includes religious or other strong language and promises that the person will do something terrible. A Hessian mumbled something about German, and Grant dropped the point of his sword with an oath. From Middle English ooth, oth, ath, Old English āþ (“oath”), Proto-Western Germanic *aiþ (“oath”), Proto-Germanic *aiþaz (“oath”), Proto-Indo-European *h₁óytos (“oath”). An oath (from the Anglo-Saxon āð) is a promise. An oath is taken aloud in front of others who can see and hear what is being done and said. They witness the oath. A person who cannot speak may give a sign that he or she is “taking an oath.” Another way to say that a person “takes an oath” is to say that he “takes an oath.” These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “oath”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Send us your feedback. When a person takes an oath, they often show that the oath is very important to them by calling God to see and remember the promise and to show that the promise is true and cannot be withdrawn later. When a person takes an oath, he sometimes raises his right hand or places his hand on his heart, on the Bible or on another holy book. The oath, according to the King James Bible, requires that one “act according to whatever comes out of his mouth.” An oath is a solemn promise sometimes made in front of a witness, or a vow in court that you will tell the absolute truth. Whatever the circumstances, taking the oath is serious business. Therefore, it is strange that an oath can also be an outburst of anger of obscene words. Your brother might whisper an oath under his breath and clench his fists angrily if you return his car with a broken rearview mirror. “The government cannot force an infidel to take an oath confirming the existence of a Supreme Being,” Miller added. Oaths are used in many situations where a person must be true to what they say: but given their anti-government rhetoric, the presence of the oath keepers could further inflame tensions. A person may say, “I promise I will. or “I swear I`m going. Vor dem 12.

In the nineteenth century, in the defined sense of 1a (1), this keeper of the oath was there for the protest that had not yet materialized, and had some friends who joined him, he told me.


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