Before we could get started with this landscaping project, we had to cut the grass which had grown to well over two feet tall. After cutting the grass, we power washed the exterior of the house.









We also power washed the front porch of the house.

After finishing the exterior of the home, we began to remove the grass and about 6 inches of topsoil for the gravel driveway and sidewalk.

Courtland_House_011 Courtland_House_012





After removing the old sod, we rough graded and then fine graded the front yard. We brought in over 6 dump truck loads of gravel for the driveway and sidewalk. We compacted the gravel in the sidewalk and driveway. We also put in a flower bed with some small shrubs for easy maintenance.



More jobs will be added soon, be sure to check back with us!





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