Rotting Wood

Front Porch

Front Porch Falling Away from the structure and rotting.

Completed project

Home Owner had us remove shrubs and re do landscaping with low flower beds.


As you can see, the front porch of this house was rotted and falling away from the structure itself. A complete replacement of the porch was done by Four Seasons Home Repair. Pictures are before,  during, as well as after the job was completed. We completely tore the wooden structure of the porch down and rebuilt it.

The homeowner also asked us to do a small amount of landscaping. We removed the bushes and small trees from around the porch and put in small flower beds. After framing and building the new porch, we painted it white. We put a small gutter and down pipe so that the new porch won’t rot like the last one.


Project Type Front Porch
Client Newport News, Va
Completion Date 2014
Four Seasons Home Repair